The skill development component of Start/ReStart Tennis for Adults is a six-part instructional program designed to provide the basic skills needed to play tennis. The program typically consists of six lessons which are each 90 minutes (available for download on this page).

The on-court segment of each lesson is action-oriented, and keeps players moving on the court. Presentations and discussions are reserved for the final half-hour of the session, which can be held off-court. Because the best way to build skill is through repetition, activities are designed to allow players to hit a lot of balls. A main attraction of tennis for adults and seniors is the opportunity for exercise and movement activities are an important part of the lessons. The outline of each lesson is as follows:

  • Objective of the Lesson
  • Warm-up Activities
  • Review of Skill(s) Learned in the Previous Lesson
  • Introduction and Demonstration of a New Skill or Skills
  • Skill Development Through Practice and Repetition
  • Skill Application Through Games and Drills
  • Review of Lesson and Cool Down
  • Tennis Rules and Conduct
  • Practice Assignments

Every attempt should be made to keep the learning as practical and enjoyable as possible, so that at the end of the Skill Development Component, students will be ready to play on their own.